In 2021, streaming has taken on a wide (and sometimes surprising) range of forms

So your boyfriend (or girlfriend) has been sitting in front of their computer for an hour now watching someone else play video games. What on earth? Why would you watch someone else play video games when they have a perfectly good Xbox sitting right next to them? This is something I get asked quite often as someone who frequents a few different streamer's channels. I am writing this article to set the record straight. It’s not weird; it’s normal to watch other people play, and I’ll tell you why.

But first, a bit about the world of streaming. Most times…

What on Earth is a rasher?

Sounds gross right? A rasher? Why would you want something that sounds like a skin problem on your plate? Well, because it is basically thick-cut bacon, and who doesn’t like bacon (of any thickness) on your plate. Especially us American’s. Now I will say, it has a closer resemblance to that of the much lesser Canadian Bacon, but nonetheless, it is still greasy pork that pairs well with any kind of egg. This story will walk through some different kinds of foods you might find on your trip to the Emerald Isle!


Who doesn’t…

A list of words and phrases the Irish use that Americans might not.

Aillte an Mhothair or the Cliffs of Moher

“Giz a faggala?” Go ahead, I’ll give you three guesses on what it means. No it is not offensive to the person you are speaking to. Yes it’s a question, and I’ll give you one more hint, it’s a request. No idea? Well if you’re in Limerick, Ireland and you say this, someone will hand you a cigarette (if they are so inclined).

When I first moved to Ireland from America (Ohio to be exact) I cannot stress how high of a learning curve it was for…

A quick look and the finale of my study of 1 Timothy

Do you pray? If so, who and what do you pray for? I know most of the time when I am asked this question, the answer if mostly for stuff in MY life. For my life to be a bit easier, for things to work out the way that I think they should. Maybe you feel like prayer is pointless. Why would God listen to me? We are probably all guilty of some of these lines of thought. …

The Easy (and Tough) ways to survive long-distance relationships and how you CAN make it work.

132 miles apart, that is what some belief qualifies for a long-distance relationship according to a poll conducted. According to that same article, 58% of long-distance relationships are actually successful. With that being said, why do we see so many of these posts? “Top X Amount of Ways to Survive a Long Distance Relationship”, is everywhere. Well, because these kinds of relationships are very difficult at the same time.

37% of long-distance relationships break up once they become geographically closer says the Journal of…

Thoughts on teaching in a lower socioeconomic area as a Christian.

A bit more about me…

As we go through this book of the bible together, I would like to give it some context. Both literally on where the letter was sent and how it could be interpreted based on who it was sent to, and personally on how it affected me in my current position as a teacher. I focused on the former in my previous post found here in the section titled “History of the Letter”. For this post though I will elaborate on how it affect my teaching. I currently teach in…

Thoughts on teaching in lower socioeconomic areas as a Christian.

The Library of Celsus in Ephesus

A bit about me!

To those who have found this blog, welcome! My name is Cory Schepp and I am American who is teaching in Dublin, Ireland for the past 2 years in what some would call a “rough school”. I have been a Christian since I was 16 (I am now 26) and well…after 10 years of following Christ, I can say I have learned a lot, and I am sure there are still many lessons to come. As I post more I will share more about myself but I really don’t want this to be about me, more of a space for…

Cory Schepp

The only American to ever say the words “I’m not Irish”.

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